Messaging (SMS)

SMS for Pro's

The latest release of RIPHub for IOS, now includes a fully dynamic SMS service. Built on top of RIPTec's award winning patented RIPDialer solution, RIPHub takes communications to another level, allowing users to communicate using different profiles, mirroring the different parts of their lives.

Users can create profiles for; selling online, social logins, dating, gaming, work or any aspect of their lives and associate different contact phone numbers to each.

RIPHub extends the original ability to make calls using different phone numbers by adding SMS to its list of enhanced features.

Users are now able to message others simply by selecting an appropriate SMS enabled profile whilst keeping their personal mobile number private.

The user cases are enormous, from dating to company departmental messaging, and being the first product of it's kind it has already caused a huge stir in the market place.

Take a look at our YouTube user guide to learn more: