Phone Calls

Phone Calls

RIPHub is a high quality product, designed to overcome the shortcomings of VoIP communication systems.

The default calling method is made over the HD Cellular network, avoiding the need for a WiFi or Data connection, and allowing you to call anywhere you have a mobile signal and continue that call even if you are on the move. The call quality of all calls is crystal clear (subject to the recipient having a good connection) and the system runs at around a 99.8% successful connections as opposed to 48% with some VoIP solutions.

Instant connectivity and high call quality are paramount in creating efficiency and cost savings, and being able to make and receive calls from anywhere and continue to communicate even while on the move without trying to stay in range of a WiFi connection is often essential.

RIPHub has two other modes of calling; (1) VoIP for when roaming, on a dedicated Data connection or when the cellular network is not available. (2) Bypass which literally hands the call over to the mobile phones SIM network, which is useful when wanting to dial friends and family over your mobile network. You can set the default means of calling in settings and also change it on the fly for each call.

If we have supplied your phone numbers, by default they will be diverted to ring your mobile phone number giving you notification of which number has been dialled and who is calling prior to you answering. A RIPHub voicemail box will kick in for any missed calls. A host of alternative call routing schemes are available using our Phone System.